SWOOP Yammer Benchmarking

How does your organisation’s Yammer network compare with the best?

Read the full report: SWOOP has benchmarked 74 organisations, 1.4m people and 12+ million Yammer interactions across a full spectrum of industry sectors.

SWOOP Awards for Outstanding Collaborative Performance

Based on analysing 12+ million interactions between 1.4 million people in 74 different organizations we have given the following organizations a SWOOP Award for Outstanding Collaborative Performance:

Based in Basel, Switzerland, Syngenta has offices in 90 countries with 28,000 employees around the world. Syngenta has been on Yammer since 2015, and has 16,000 users with an impressive active user rate of 30 per cent, according to SWOOP. It also has external Yammer networks with partners, suppliers and agents, with about another 3,500 users.
Telstra Corporation
Telstra is Australia’s largest telecommunications company worth $US29 billion. It builds and operates telecommunications networks and sells voice, mobile, internet access, pay television and other services. Telstra had been dabbling with Yammer since 2008 but it was in 2012 when former CEO David Thodey made a company-wide push to use Yammer to address what he called “ineffective communications” and to change the organization’s email-only culture.
KFC Australia
The restaurant chain has more than 35,000 employees spread across 642 company and franchisee-owned restaurants. 28,000 employees use KFC’s Yammer network, with an average 40 per cent engaging on the network each month, according to SWOOP data. KFC Australia launched Yammer in 2015, and use it to engage staff by celebrating them, spreading brand love and interacting in ways that wouldn’t always be possible face to face.
Bankwest is headquartered in Perth, Western Australia, one of the most geographically isolated cities in the world. Founded in 1895, the organization is now a subsidiary of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, the largest listed company on the Australian stock exchange, worth more than $AUD26 billion. The bank began using Yammer in 2012 and still use it to support business transformation.
Medibank is a private health insurers with 3.7 million customers. It launched its Yammer network in December 2016, and in less than a year 2,600 of the company’s then 3,000 employees had activated their accounts, with more than half now active users. The decision to implement Yammer was in response to a ‘fragmented landscape’ where there were four intranets and a host of social network tools, which meant the company could not connect across boundaries.
Union for Reform Judaism
The Union for Reform Judaism (URJ) is based in the United States with almost 900 congregations and more than one million members across North America and beyond. URJ introduced Yammer in 2014 because its email distribution list had blown out to more than 5,000 recipients and wasn’t effective.
RealFoundations is a global professional services firm focused on helping companies that develop, own, operate, service, occupy or invest in real estate make smarter and more profitable decisions. It began using Yammer in 2014 to ‘work out loud’ making RealFoundations more productive.
Hall & Wilcox
Hall & Wilcox is one of Australia’s leading law firms. In just four years, it has expanded from one office in Melbourne, to six offices across the country with 650 people. Yammer was initially introduced in December 2011 to connect the firm’s people, who despite being in the same building in Melbourne, were spread across five non-contiguous floors.

How does your organisation compare with other Yammer networks?

Our free benchmarking report allows you to compare the following indicators against other organisations

Response Rate

A high response rate shows people are engaging others in conversation. Compare your organisation’s response rate with others.

Discussions/Active Users

A basic measure you can use to compare how actively engaged your employees are to similar organisations that use Yammer.

Key Player Risk

How much your social network relies on a select few individuals.


Compare how your senior and line management is engaged with social networks compared with other organisations.


Number of public posts, open communication and collaboration go hand in hand. How does your organisation’s stack up?

2 Way

The average number of reciprocated relationships across the organisation.

SWOOP Global Benchmarking Report

SWOOP Analytics has compiled the largest benchmark of Yammer implementations globally.

Our 2018 benchmarking Yammer report is based on a study of 74 organisations worldwide that examined more than 1.4 million users and 12+ million digital interactions.

Yammer: 2018 Benchmarking Report


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