SWOOP Analytics

self service social network analysis for enterprises

Measure and improve engagement and collaboration


Analyse collaboration patterns across the enterprise and within business units


Measure and improve employee engagement initiatives including sentiment analysis


Locate the informal community leaders and influencers in your organisation


Help staff grow their network and develop their careers

Swoop Analytics unique personas are used in the social analytics platform

How does your organisation’s digital collaboration compare?

Analytics for Enterprise Social Networking

SWOOP provides insights about connectivity, relationships and social capital.

Many organisations have invested heavily in employee engagement initiatives and tools to drive organisational performance. SWOOP can measure its effectiveness

All the measurement indicators that SWOOP has been analysing for Yammer is now available for Workplace by Facebook

SWOOP provides 20 years of experience packaged into 30 indicators available on our self service platform

SWOOP is a Microsoft Partner and a Yammer Adoption Specialist. SWOOP is listed in the Yammer App Store.

SWOOP is a Workplace Partner and the first analytics provider globally.


Ready out of the box, we can get you up and running in less than 10 mins. Quick easy set up no need for complex IT configuration.

SWOOP’s Customers

SWOOP customers all over the globe are using the SWOOP Analytics platform to measure and improve their organisational collaboration and employee engagement

“Anyone who is using Yammer can log into SWOOP. The ability for our area coaches or our restaurant general managers to log in and see how they are performing is a massive benefit”. Dean Jones, Information and Innovation Manager YUM Brands, KFC
Dean Jones, KFC/YUM Brands
“Really positive response to SWOOP from team members, intuitive dashboards that provide great insights to lead to behavioural change.” Senior Social Media Strategist Liz Green, Telstra
Senior Social Media Strategist Liz Green, Telstra