Read these case studies and stories about how leading organizations are using SWOOP to drive the value and adoption from their enterprise social networks.

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Connecting global food giant Mars with Yammer and analytics

Back in October 2015, food giant Mars launched social enterprise network Yammer across its global business with the goal of better connecting its 80,000-plus workforce.

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Executive engagement – the key to a successful ESN network

How to you become one of the world’s best Yammer networks? The answer is executive engagement. For global drinks company Diageo, the makers of Johnnie Walker, Bailey’s, Guinness, Smirnoff, J&B and many more spirit and beer brands, it’s all about leading by example.

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Westpac and NBN CEOs use SWOOP

Westpac’s chief executive has a dashboard app on his desktop computer that tracks how effectively his senior executives are getting cut through with their teams on enterprise network. Hartzer isn’t alone. NBN chief executive Bill Morrow uses the same social media sentiment analytics tool, SWOOP, to measure how well his top managers are engaging with their staff.

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From the classroom to managing director – How Australia’s largest tertiary educator keeps connected

The man responsible for running Australia’s largest tertiary education organisation is regarded as a bit of a rock star by his 20,000 or so staff. Using Workplace by Facebook, TAFE NSW managing director Jon Black is busy building relationships with his frontline staff, whether they’re in the northern New South Wales beach town of Ballina, at the gateway to the Snowy Mountains in Cooma, or in the outback mining town of Broken Hill.

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Same-sex marriage – what’s it got to do with work?

Australia’s same-sex marriage vote is the most discussed topic in Telstra’s nine-year history with Yammer, according to SWOOP data. Yammer became the platform where employees felt heard, respected, valued, safe and connected.

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How Syngenta’s leaders became some of the world’s best at engaging staff

Struggling to get your leaders engaged on your Enterprise Social Network? Learn how global agriculture company Syngenta did it with the help of SWOOP Analytics.

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A big bank shows how a social network drives business value

How do you prove an enterprise social network drives business value and ultimately boosts the company’s bottom line National Australia Bank (NAB) has learned the value of using an internal social network to connect staff, build relationships, share ideas, reduce clutter, innovate and to make money.

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How a one man band is using Workplace to save the planet

When Australian Catholic University launched Workplace, one man tasked with addressing sustainability issues suddenly found he had a voice to reach thousands. He is making a difference and using Workplace as a platform to reduce the university’s carbon footprint.

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True leaders engage in conversation – How one CEO responded to the #MeToo campaign  

As stories of sexual abuse flooded social media in response to the #MeToo awareness campaign, NBN Co chief executive Bill Morrow’s thoughts went straight to his employees. Were there victims of sexual assault and harassment amongst his staff at NBN, Australia’s National Broadband Network? Did they need help? Could he help break the culture of silence around abuse?

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KFC’s Recipe for Success

Employee engagement and trust are KFC’s key ingredients for success. When KFC’s employees wanted a voice, the company turned to Yammer to help connect and engage staff. KFC employed SWOOP to understand what it is that engages teams.

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Getting help to those most in need with Workplace and SWOOP

Global humanitarian aid organisation Mercy Corps needs to get information and resources in and out of the world’s disaster-hit areas, war zones and sometimes completely remote regions rapidly, while being totally accountable. Learn how Workplace and SWOOP helps Mercy Corps provide help to some of the world’s most vulnerable people. 

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Engaging Online = High performance

New research at Griffith has revealed a direct correlation between student activities on enterprise social networks (ESN) and their academic grades. The study examined the habits of online postgraduate students and how they engaged with Microsoft’s Yammer network to share ideas and collaborate with other students and academic staff.

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Saving time and taxpayers’ money with Workplace and SWOOP

NSW Department of Primary Industries is saving money and time every day using Workplace to engage and collaborate while SWOOP is giving a clear view of where better connections are needed.

Matthew McLellan, the Hatchery Manager at Narrandera Fisheries Centre, has eliminated at least 100 phone calls a season by using Workplace to communicate and he plans to soon completely remove email communication.

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Providing better service and smarter law with Yammer and SWOOP

Australian law firm Hall & Wilcox has changed the way clients are serviced with the use of Microsoft’s enterprise social network Yammer. No longer is it just lawyers working alone on a client’s problems, but the entire firm can contribute to helping on a client’s case. SWOOP data shows that through Yammer, employees are connected and collaborating. And all-company emails are a thing of the past.

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Authentic leadership & cultural change: Why social groups matter in your ESN

When a 150-year-old bank established its enterprise social network, the “Pets of Bankwest” soon became one of the most engaging groups on the company’s Yammer network. That raised questions about the network’s worth. What the executive team realised was the “Pets of Bankwest” group was a safe, low risk place where every employee felt comfortable to practice the skills they needed to use on the network.

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Building community in a world hungry for social connection

The Union for Reform Judaism (URJ) has been identified as a top three performer in SWOOP’s 2018 Global Benchmarking Report of Yammer networks. It’s a network focused on building community and connecting people. Some of the keys to URJ’s Yammer success include a community manager to facilitate the network, with the help of SWOOP data, to keep people engaged, Working Out Loud and allowing the network time to grow and thrive.

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Disrupting the status quo


When Western Sydney University faced the monumental task of building a new high-rise campus in a busy central business district and relocating thousands of staff and students, it decided to disrupt its usual practice of using change management consultancies, and instead employed Yammer and SWOOP Analytics.

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Connection in Isolation

Down in Invercargill, the southernmost city in New Zealand and one of the most isolated in the world, there are three employees running a busy car rental branch. Rarely do they work together as a team. Mostly it’s a passing update and a quick “hello” during a shift changeover.

Yet, these three workers are some of the best-connected employees in their multi-national company of thousands.

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Into the Future – Using Workplace and SWOOP in a millennial workforce

In just a few years, 75 per cent of the workforce will be made up of millennials. Organisations must implement modern workplace tools to address the changing demographic of the workforce.

In Mexico, Wingu Networks’ solution was to provide all employees with Workplace by Facebook to communicate, collaborate & innovate.

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Tapping into the X Factor to deliver better outcomes for clients

Professional real estate services firm RealFoundations has been recognised by SWOOP as world leader of best practices for Yammer. A sign of RealFoundations’ Yammer maturity is the fact the CEO has been able to step back from being the most influential person on the network because using Yammer, along with Microsoft Teams, is now part of the company’s everyday culture of working out loud – it’s where people do their work.

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