SWOOP for Microsoft Teams

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Meet the SWOOP for Teams personas and learn how identifying the type of team you’re working with will help you adapt your team to reach more positive outcomes.

Enterprise Adoption

  • Find most/least active areas of the organization using Teams to measure adoption progress
  • Find the most active teams to collate ‘best practice’ stories and generate buzz
  • Easily visualize new cross-organizational collaboration patterns to demonstrate impact
  • Identify top influencers to enroll as Teams advocates
  • Identify inactive teams for archival to improve governance

Team Insights

  • Determine team interaction patterns to optimize collaboration
  • Find out what your team type is:
    • Self-directed 
    • Single Leader led
    • Forum
    • Community of Practice
    • Disconnected Team 
  • Find most active channels, most engaging posts and influencers
  • Collaboration starts with being curious. Find out how many questions your team asks.

Leader Metrics

  • Senior leaders are critical role-models
  • Use the SWOOP Personas to drive collaborative behaviors on Microsoft Teams
  • Set goals, track progress and coach senior leaders with SWOOP

Business Unit Adoption

  • Find out who is using Teams in your Business Unit
  • Find the most active teams and reward influencers to cultivate collaboration
  • See how your Business Unit is being ‘wired’ via Teams

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