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How does your organisation compare with the best in the business of social capital?

SWOOP has benchmarked 68 organisations, 630,000 people and 12+ million of Workplace by Facebook interactions across a full spectrum of industry sectors.

2019 SWOOP Award Winner for Outstanding Collaborative Performance:

Flight Centre
Flight Centre Travel Group has approximately 2,800 shops and businesses under various retail and corporate brands such as Liberty Travel and GOGO Vacations. It has fully owned operations in United States, Canada, United Kingdom, South Africa, Hong Kong, India, China, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Australia, New Zealand and Mexico.
Ageas UK
Ageas UK is one of the largest insurers in the UK and part of an international group headquartered in Brussels. Ageas helps motorists and households across the UK every day and works in partnership with a diverse range of organisations such as Age UK Enterprises Limited, John Lewis Financial Services and Vauxhall Motors to provide insurance solutions.
Australian Catholic University
Australian Catholic University (ACU) is a public university in Australia, and in the top 3% globally. It has seven Australian campuses, and also maintains a campus in Rome. ACU is made up of four faculties, which offer bachelor, master and doctoral degrees and is focused on producing world-leading research in the priority areas of education, health, and theology and philosophy.
Customer Success Network
The Customer Success Network is a not-for-profit community for customer success managers throughout Europe. The CSN welcomes current and aspiring CSMs, and their vision is that through the community every customer success manager has someone to ask for help. They like to help CSMs feel this is the place to get the support needed to be the best CSM possible..
We Are Social
We Are Social were “born social”. They create award winning content with social at its heart and deliver innovative, multi-platform content for clients that want to engage ever-changing audiences on social and digital platforms. Simply speaking, We Are Social are the specialists in social content production.
AMP New Zealand
AMP New Zealand is a leading life insurer and retirement savings provider in New Zealand and Australia, helping more than four million customers by providing financial advice and services.
Compass is an American real estate technology company. Founded in 2012, the company is headquartered in New York City. Compass provides software to real estate agents to eliminate busy work and help them become more efficient.

Read about the SWOOP Award Winners in the 2019 Benchmarking Report below.

How does your Workplace instance compare with other organisations?

Our free benchmarking report allows you to compare the following indicators against other organisations

Response Rate

A high response rate shows people are engaging others in conversation. Compare your organisation’s response rate with others.

Discussions/Active Users

A basic measure you can use to compare how actively engaged your employees are to similar organisations that use Workplace.

Key Player Risk

How much your social network relies on a select few individuals.


Compare how your senior and line management is engaged with social networks compared with other organisations.


Number of public posts, open communication and collaboration go hand in hand. How does your organisation’s stack up?

2 Way

The average number of reciprocated relationships across the organisation.

SWOOP Global Benchmarking Report

SWOOP Analytics has compiled the largest benchmark of Workplace implementations globally.

Our 2019 Workplace report includes 68 organisations worldwide that examined 630,000 users and more than 12 million digital interactions.

Workplace: 2019 Benchmarking Report

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