Swoop Persona: Are you a ‘Catalyst’ for Innovation Online? Here’s how you can find out.

This post continues the series of deeper dives into the specific measures included in the SWOOP Collaboration framework #swoopframework. The ‘Catalyst’ behavioural persona, in our view, is the next most desirable collaboration persona after the ‘Engager’. Catalysts are regularly seen as change agents and innovators.

How is a Catalyst Measured?

The ‘Catalyst’ persona is currently calculated as a significant surplus of responses received, over contributions made. Contributions include posts, replies and likes, while responses are replies and likes received. Have a look at your interaction patterns on your favoured social channel to find out if you ‘fit the bill’.


‘Catalysts’ are more commonly labeled as ‘Influencers’ in the social media world. A ‘Catalyst’ is able to attract a disproportionate number of responses to their posting contributions. In fact the larger the number of responses that they can gain from a single post, the more influential and valued they are perceived. A good ‘Catalyst’ will gain a reputation and a following from those that value their contributions. It’s not a trivial task to become a catalyst/influencer in the social media world. They are sought after by advertisers because of the strength of their following.

In the Enterprise context, influencing in the advertising context may be less valued. However ‘Catalysts’ will be commonly associated with innovation and positive change; something that should be important to all teams and communities to differing extents. A strategy, marketing or business improvement community would be positively impacted by the presence of Catalysts. Alternatively, business process execution teams, who live by standard process compliance, could be disrupted negatively by the presence of ‘Catalysts’.

What should this mean to you?

If the roles you aspire to are to be the change agent and/or disrupter of the status quo, then developing your skills to achieve the ‘Catalyst’ persona may be for you. You can’t however just decide to become a ‘Catalyst’. The trick is to be able to consistently attract multiple responses on things you post; something you can’t control directly. Have a look at this link to this question on Quora on how to become influential.  Note that building relationships is a key pre-condition. Being seen as a reliable and constructive ‘Responder’ or ‘Engager’ can perhaps be a required path on the journey towards becoming a successful ‘Catalyst’.

In summary, the ‘Catalyst’ persona is, we believe, the next most positive persona after Engager. For those that thrive in leading positive change and innovation, being a Catalyst online and off can be the most positive contribution you can make to your Enterprise. Unlike the ‘Engager’, a team or community full of ‘Catalysts’ are unlikely to the productive though.

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