SWOOP Award Winners share their collaboration secrets

Not taking yourself too seriously is one of the top tips from community managers from the world’s best performing Yammer networks. 

We brought together some of the Australian-based winners of SWOOP Analytics’ 2019 Global Yammer Benchmarking Report for an awards presentation at Sydney’s Microsoft Technology Centre. 

Pooja Jerajani and Ryan Crocker from ANZ bank, Caitlan Neeson from Medibank, Francesca Guidi from KFC and Pete Johns from NRMA sharing their secrets to success.

Yammer community managers from KFC restaurants, ANZ bank, The NRMA and health insurer Medibank were presented with a SWOOP Award for Outstanding Collaboration and generously shared their top tips for a successful network.  

To kick off the session, SWOOP Chief Scientist Dr Laurence Lock Lee shared key learnings from the 2019 Yammer Benchmarking Report. One of the most interesting discoveries was how the deployment of Yammer alongside Teams has the ability to triple collaboration in an organisation.

Don’t forget to download the SWOOP Analytics 2019 Yammer Benchmarking report to learn more about the newest engagement insights.  

Not only did we celebrate the winners, we were privy to the best kept secrets of their networks’ success.  

Francesca Guidi, Internal Marketing Officer for KFC Australia, speaking at the Sydney SWOOP Awards presentation.

Francesca Guidi, Internal Marketing Officer for KFC Australia, swears by keeping communications freshno matter how dry the topic may be. This is something we would expect for a millennial audience, but what about those catering for staff in corporate, office-based roles? 

Interestingly, Pete Johns, NRMA’s Digital Employee Experience Manager, echoethe same sentiment.

Serious people, working in serious jobs also benefit from the collaborative cut-through of Yammer. Even one of Australia’s big four banks, ANZsees the lighter side of engagement via campaigns that focus on some social fun (pets always seem to be a hit!)  

Measuring the impact of campaigns and leadership was also a topic of hot discussion.

The top performers from the benchmarking study agreed that leadership from executives is essential to driving increased engagement from the wider staff base.

They demonstrate the impact of leadership engagement using SWOOP, which they find generates healthy competition among their organisations’ leaders.

SWOOP Chief Scientist Dr Laurence Lock Lee sharing insights into SWOOP’s 2019 Global Yammer Benchmarking Report.

Medibank’s Employee Experience Partner, Caitlan Neeson, voiced the importance of measuring the success of Yammer campaigns to demonstrate real business value as a result. Use of hashtags is a must and seeing a campaign climb up SWOOP’s hot topics shows how an initiative resonates with your audience.  

Congratulations to our SWOOP Benchmarking Award winners for 2019; KFC, ANZ, Medibank, The NRMA, RACQ, NSW Department of Customer Service, Bankwest, Wiley and Chaucer.  


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