SWOOP Analytics

social network analytics for enterprises

Insights about connectivity, relationships and social capital for Yammer, Teams and Workplace

Who is SWOOP for?

For Community Managers

  • Insights into community health
  • Locate the informal community leaders
  • Determine if communities are engaging people from across the organisation
  • NEW add-on: Determine sentiment of conversations

For Executives

  • See your collaboration behavioural style
  • See where collaboration is happening across the organisation
  • See the most engaging discussions and topics
  • NEW add-on: Real-time tracking of sentiment over time

For Individuals

The Financial Review: Leading CEO’s use SWOOP

The Australian Financial Review spoke with the CEOs from Westpac and NBN about enterprise social, collaboration and SWOOP.

“Westpac’s chief executive has a dashboard app on his desktop computer that tracks how effectively his senior executives are getting cut through with their teams on enterprise network. Hartzer isn’t alone. NBN chief executive Bill Morrow uses the same social media sentiment analytics tool, SWOOP, to measure how well his top managers are engaging with their staff.”

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Westpac and NBN CEOs use SWOOP

E-book: Learn about what SWOOP measures and why

What should I measure? Which metrics are useful to help me grow my enterprise social network?

The e-book will help you:

  • Learn about what SWOOP measures
  • Target areas for improvement
  • Grow the value of your network

Watch SWOOP in action

SWOOP is a cloud-based platform that hooks into Yammer. We provide access to more than 30 measurement indicators giving organizations and individuals deep insights into collaboration across the enterprise.

See how SWOOP helps individuals, community managers and organizations measure and improve collaboration.

Read our case studies for examples of how our customers are measuring and improving collaboration.


“Anyone who is using Yammer can log into SWOOP. The ability for our area coaches or our restaurant general managers to log in and see how they are performing is a massive benefit”.

Dean Jones, Information and Innovation Manager YUM Brands, KFC”