Workplace by Facebook and SWOOP Analytics partner to help employees connect


SYDNEY, October 31, 2017 – Workplace by Facebook has teamed up with SWOOP Analytics to help organizations better understand how their employees are connecting and collaborating. Workplace is a communications platform for work that makes organizations more connected and productive.

The partnership allows Workplace users to analyze the effectiveness of their communications across the organization and provide insights about connectivity, relationships and social capital.

Using SWOOP alongside Workplace gives organizations the tools to identify which departments are connected and engaged, spot influential people and hot topics, recognize best performing groups, track sentiment on posts and show what time of day employees are collaborating.

SWOOP CEO Cai Kjaer and VP, Workplace by Facebook, Julien Codorniou at the Workplace Global Partner Summit in Menlo Park, Calif.

Workplace’s Ecosystems Partnership Manager for APAC, Anthony Russell, said SWOOP’s deep insights are giving customers even more value from Workplace.

“Workplace transforms how organizations communicate and collaborate,” Mr. Russell said.

“Leaders driving organizational change on Workplace need tools to measure engagement and impact. We’re excited to be working with SWOOP Analytics to help our customers gain even more insights from Workplace.”

Some of those customers include US-based global humanitarian organization Mercy Corps, Australia’s National Broadband Network (NBN Co) and education institutions including the Australian Catholic University and TAFE NSW.

Mercy Corps’ employee social media and collaboration manager Sue Gemmell said SWOOP was helping transform communication across the organization.

“With the kind of analytics made possible by SWOOP, our organization has insights into the prevalence and sources of interactions that will lead to a mature, innovative community,” Ms Gemmell said.

“These insights help us guide our community as it becomes ever more valuable for knowledge management which, in turn, helps us have more impact in our mission: Alleviate suffering, poverty and oppression by helping people build secure, productive and just communities.”

Pat Devery, employee social media and collaboration manager for NBN, the company behind a US$30 billion national broadband network for Australia, said using SWOOP had resulted in more open and collaborative work.

“Deep insights provided by analytics service SWOOP allowed best-practice platform behaviors to be identified, creating measurable benchmarks and influencing user behavior toward more open, collaborative and beneficial use,” Mr Devery said.

By using SWOOP with Workplace, an organization can immediately see the maturity of its network and where growth is needed.

SWOOP Analytics Chief Executive Cai Kjaer says once organizations have invested in Workplace to drive performance, it is important to measure impact.

“SWOOP’s focus is on analyzing relationships and how that drives performance in an organization. If you know what outcomes you want for your business, SWOOP can tell you what to look at to get it right and help you get there faster.”

SWOOP enables every employee in an organization to see their own online collaborative persona, identify influencers and assess the levels of engagement between executives and frontline staff.

SWOOP Personas enables everyone to determine their own collaboration behavior

At a glance, every employee in an organization can see which departments are well networked and identify the strategically most important groups.

“The objective is for people to engage in conversation with each other and SWOOP offers transparency across an entire organization,” Mr Kjaer said.



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