Impact of social networks on workplace “barely understood” says research team


SYDNEY, April 7, 2017 – The University of Sydney Business School has joined forces with SWOOP Analytics, the world’s leading enterprise social network analysis company, to explore the impact of social networks on the workplace.

Increasingly, organisations across the globe are implementing Enterprise Social Networks (ESN) to connect employees and encourage collaboration though tools like Yammer, Workplace by Facebook, Jive and Chatter.

“Social networks in business are booming as organisations aim to digitally connect colleagues but the day-to-day impact on employees and management is barely understood,” said the Business School’s Professor of Information Technology and Organisation Kai Riemer.

“What is the impact of ESN on organisations how does business manage the way its employees use social enterprise networks and how does participation impact on organisations and individuals?” Professor Riemer asked.

“Neither the impact of ESN on organisations nor the ways in which participation ought to be managed are well understood.”

Professor Riemer’s team will work with SWOOP Analytics to explore data and interview SWOOP clients including banking giant Westpac.

“With access to real-world data, this research will allow the university to develop metrics for measuring user behaviour in ESN and to provide management insight.”

By working with real-life organisations, it’s also hoped the research will help business develop useful approaches to managing ESN and further extend SWOOP’s analytics capabilities and its ability to provide more feedback to clients.

SWOOP Analytics uses data from ESN to measure collaboration within organisations and employee engagement.

It assesses collaboration patterns across an organisation and within business units, measures and improves employee engagement initiatives, locates individuals who influence in an organisation and helps staff grow their network and develop their careers.

“We hope this research with the University of Sydney Business School helps us to better understand how to manage the impact of enterprise social networks on organisations,” said SWOOP chief scientist and co-founder Laurence Lock Lee.

Findings from this research project will be available within the next 12 months.


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