Aussie startup SWOOP becomes a Workplace by Facebook analytics partner


MENLO PARK, California, April 25 – An innovative Australian startup company has partnered with Workplace by Facebook to offer analytics to business customers. 

SWOOP Analytics is a Workplace by Facebook technology partner which offers analytics, allowing businesses to boost collaboration between employers and employees. 

Workplace is a communications platform built by Facebook, that helps organizations get more done.  

By employing SWOOP, companies using Workplace can analyze the effectiveness of communication across an organization and provide insights about connectivity, relationships and social capital. 

“Workplace helps organizations break down traditional business hierarchies, improve staff engagement and boost connectivity and collaboration,” said SWOOP Analytics Chief Executive Cai Kjaer. 

“Using SWOOP gives companies the ability to analyze the effectiveness of their communication and gives guidance to employees on how to be better collaborators in the workplace.” 

This promotes more usage of Workplace, leading to greater knowledge sharing, problem solving and innovation, which means a greater return on investment for organizations, said Mr Kjaer, who has been developing collaboration analytics for more than 20 years. 

SWOOP has been developed with input from ethics specialists to review privacy issues and academia to research how Enterprise Social Network (ESN) impacts organizational performance. 

It delivers more than 30 pre-configured indicators that specifically focus on helping people become better collaborators. 

SWOOP is working with multinational companies to introduce analytics into the Workplace by Facebook customer community. 

For more information or to arrange media interviews please contact SWOOP:

  • CEO Cai Kjaer on +61 411 569 694 in Australia;
  • SWOOP Director, External Relations & Communications Sharon Dawson on +1 425 647 4342 in the US
  • SWOOP Director, Customer Success Europe James Tyer in the UK on +44 (0)7342 128900