Help anyone in your organisation become a certified ‘SWOOPer’ in just 5 minutes

Building engagement on Enterprise Social Network (ESN) platforms like Yammer and Workplace can feel like a marathon at times. True adoption certainly doesn’t happen overnight and demonstrating the value of such a platform is enormously important; not just for leadership teams, but also for your entire staff base. Here’s the good news – you can easily kick-start the engagement of individuals on your network by empowering them to understand their own personalised collaboration insights.  

At SWOOP, we’ve recently developed a range of training cards to help motivate your staff to become more collaborative on Yammer and Workplace.   

Who should I share these training cards with?  

  • Senior Leaders 
  • Yammer/Workplace Champions 
  • Group admins 
  • General users  

SWOOP for Individuals 


Giving individuals access to their own SWOOP dashboard will provide them with a new understanding and awareness of their personal collaboration style. In a qualitative sense, its easy to have a skewed perception of your actual collaborative performance; a few likes here and there in the feed does not necessarily indicate strong connections among colleagues.   

The above training card – “6 ways to become a better collaborator – reveals the most impactful things you can do on Yammer or Workplace as an individual. This includes following simple steps including downloading the mobile app and how to make ESN activity an everyday habit. Spoiler alertit only takes 5 minutes a day!  

The training cards will also help you unlock the formula for getting your activity balance right. While it may seem productive to pump out post after post, the lack of impact this has will probably surprise you when looking at your SWOOP statistics. Taking on these six tips will also help your interactions become more authentic. Connecting on the go is the way you would communicate in real life, whether it be popping by someone’s desk, catching up in the kitchen or jumping on a phone call. Asking questions, inviting others into the conversation via @mentioning and having a balance of ‘give and receive’ all contribute to a more honest, genuine dialogue.   

Your most passionate network members will find great value in having access to the insights available in their SWOOP dashboard. This will provide them with even more drive to model the best collaborative behaviours on your ESN. They can help distribute these materials to their direct teams, encourage them to uncover their engagement levels and identify opportunities in their interactions. Imagine equipping your senior leaders with the power of checking these insights and how that, in turn, would elevate their activity on Yammer or Workplace.   

SWOOP for Group Admins  

We see group admins as an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to consistent and meaningful engagement. But what are the most important things to measure in a group context? How can you help group admins run successful groups? Empowering this audience with access to their group’s own SWOOP dashboard will take their group performance to the next level.   

The key to running a successful group is all about balance. Not just for the individual running the group, but also for all other group members. Considering metrics such as key influencer risk will ensure admins do not become reliant on the contributions of a few key players in the group. An easy way to increase the spread of conversation is to encourage the practice of @mentioning in conversation.   

How should I distribute and implement the new SWOOP training materials?  

  • Share with senior leaders after Yammer or Workplace/SWOOP training sessions as a takeaway for them to refer to every week. 
  • Distribute to your Yammer/Workplace champions or network key influencers and empower them to check their analytics (remember to share the instructions on how to log into SWOOP!). 
  • Share with heads of departments to help drive engagement from the top. 
  • Add as a file or network resource in main feed and specific groups. 
  • Include the resources in the employee onboarding process, set realistic goals for new starters so they can quickly embrace the benefits that come from increased collaboration on ESNs. 
  • Share in physical form around the office or even encourage use as a desktop screensaver. 
  • Encourage healthy competition by recognising individuals and groups who achieve the recommended targets.  

Downloadable PDF versions of the new SWOOP training cards can be found on the SWOOP Support site.   

Watch this space for training cards and quick tips on evaluating the success of communication campaigns. Stay tuned for training cards on the most effective use and measurement metrics for Microsoft Teams.  

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