KFC Finds Swoop Analytics ‘Finger Lickin Good’

KFC has purchased the SWOOP Dashboard to provide business insights from its Yammer usage. The SWOOP Social Network Analytics dashboard was developed by software startup SWOOP Analytics to assist all staff, not just managers, to enhance their collaborative performance. KFC Australia implemented Yammer to provide a facility for linking disparate employees across their many outlets; something that none of their corporate systems could provide.

KFC Innovation Manager Dean Jones

After implementing Yammer, Dean Jones, the Information and Innovation Manager found that the existing analytics weren’t answering the questions the business were asking, like:

  • “How many staff are actually engaging on Yammer?”
  • “What’s really happening on Yammer?”

“That’s when we started looking around for something else and literally stumbled onto SWOOP. We saw the demo and thought this is exactly what we need”.

While KFC were initially simply interested in the number of staff using Yammer, they quickly realised that that there was little correlation between simple activity measures and true collaborative engagement. . “As we progressed, we learnt that just the number of people on the network doesn’t really give you a good understanding of the level of engagement on Yammer, and that’s where the analytics that SWOOP provides really started to shine,” Mr Jones said. “We got to know who was talking to who, and where the hotspots of engagement and communications were happening. We found that certain areas were talking to other people across different areas that we wouldn’t have expected,” Mr Jones said. Throughout SWOOP’s analysis of KFC’s employee engagement, one thing that became clear was the relationship between executive activity on Yammer and greater employee engagement. The more activity coming from company executives, the more active the whole network is.

One example of this is the executive team’s yearly goal to try and visit as many stores as possible across the country. “Last year, one of the executives had been to every store across Australia and New Zealand,” said Mr Jones. In previous years, photos with team members would be taken on a digital camera, sent back to head office and eventually uploaded on the intranet. “What they’re doing now is, in Karratha or Parkes or wherever they are, the executives are taking the pictures on their mobile phones and posting them on Yammer straight away and tagging the team members at the same time. Instead of something that is happening in the background, the corporate network is actually going out into Yammer for everyone to see.” Mr Jones said this was one of the big surprises that came out of SWOOP, actually seeing what impact those Yammer engagements had on the overall activity of the network. “When we did some analysis on our leadership team, the engagement and activity we’ve seen from our CEO is quite impressive, from our perspective and from an industry perspective as well. We couldn’t really pull that out from the stats before. That’s a real differentiator with SWOOP.”

When SWOOP was put in place at the end of 2015, Mr Jones said the intended purpose was just to give KFC head office an understanding of Yammer and how it could be used to drive business value. But when different management tiers came onto the SWOOP system, Mr Jones said they started seeing the way SWOOP could benefit all management levels. “Anyone who is using Yammer can log into SWOOP. The ability for our area coaches or our restaurant general managers to log in and see how they are performing is a massive benefit.”

Into the future, Mr Jones is hoping to keep using SWOOP to drive business. “We’re looking at actually tracking how we rate our restaurants.” Currently, KFC has a ‘business scorecard’ that tracks how stores perform. “We know which stores are high performers and which aren’t doing so well. Now we want to start correlating between Yammer engagement levels and tracking that against a store’s business performance. Then managers can track where they’re going and how they fit within Yammertime Australia.” After this rolls out, KFC will put their tomes of stats into their data warehouse and really start to measure Yammer numbers against store performance. “Over the coming months we see more and more utilisation of SWOOP occurring,” Mr Jones said.

SWOOP Analytics is now experiencing impressive growth, initially amongst the larger, sophisticated buyers like large financial institutions and Telecommunications, who were quick to identify the shortcomings of their traditional analytics when applied to social networks. SWOOP is also providing a unique benchmarking service where participants can be anonymously compared to peer organisations from their industry.