SWOOP Benchmarking

How does your organisation compare with the best in the business of social capital?

SWOOP has benchmarked 140+ organisations, 2 million+ people and 20+million social network interactions across a full spectrum of industry sectors.

How does your online collaboration compare with other Yammer or Workplace networks?

Our free benchmarking report allows you to compare the following indicators against other organisations

Response Rate

A high response rate shows people are engaging others in conversation. Compare your organisation’s response rate with others.

Discussions/Active Users

A basic measure you can use to compare how actively engaged your employees are to similar organisations that use Yammer.

Key Player Risk

How much your social network relies on a select few individuals.


Compare how your senior and line management is engaged with social networks compared with other organisations.


Number of public posts, open communication and collaboration go hand in hand. How does your organisation’s stack up?

2 Way

The average number of reciprocated relationships across the organisation.

SWOOP Global Benchmarking Reports

Swoop Benchmarking Report, benchmark your organisation's social network usage

SWOOP Analytics has compiled the largest benchmark of Yammer and Workplace implementations globally.

Our 2019 Workplace report includes 68 organisations worldwide that examined 630,000 users and more than 15 million digital interactions.

OurĀ 2018 benchmarking Yammer report based on a study of 74 organisations worldwide that examined more than 1.4 million users and more than 12 million digital interactions.

To help you set realistic collaboration targets we provide a free benchmarking service. Organisations can compare themselves anonymously with similar organisations in the quest for more effective collaboration.

Swoop Analytics unique personas are used in the social analytics platform

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