Do you listen, engage or yell?

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Westpac’s chief executive has a dashboard app on his desktop computer that tracks how effectively his senior executives are getting cut through with their teams on enterprise network. Hartzer isn’t alone. NBN chief executive Bill Morrow uses the same social media sentiment analytics tool, SWOOP, to measure how well his top managers are engaging with their staff. Download full article as published in the Australian Financial Review.

How Syngenta’s leaders became some of the world’s best at engaging staff


When one of the world’s largest agriculture companies, Syngenta, held its global leadership conference in 2017, leaders were presented with a table showing their own personal level of interaction on the company’s Microsoft Yammer network compared with their peers’. Each leader was ranked in order, with those regularly engaging with their team at the top of the list. They were looking at a benchmarking report from SWOOP Analytics, where all senior leaders’ online behaviour on Yammer had been benchmarked against each other. One of the Leader Boards shown at Syngenta’s global leadership conference. Names have been blanked for privacy. Seeing…

How SWOOP has helped NBN’s Workplace network avoid becoming a victim of its own success


Australia’s National Broadband Network (NBN Co) has been using Workplace for more than two years now. It’s become an incredible knowledge platform full of information and resources. But the success of Workplace at NBN Co has the potential to become its own enemy because so many people are using it and the information on the platform swells every day, at times making it difficult to navigate. Some of the more than 8,500 users on Workplace at NBN find it difficult to filter the relevant information into meaningful content and are at risk of switching off completely. This is a challenge…

A culture of listening to employees with Workplace and SWOOP


Insurance company Ageas UK was the top performer for medium-sized businesses in SWOOP’s 2019 Benchmarking report of Workplace networks. It’s a company where leaders listen to their employees, encourage open discussion about sometimes difficult topics and customers are receiving a better service as a result of collaboration between staff and suppliers. It was a stinking hot summer for those living in England last year. In fact, it was the hottest summer on record. When the soaring temperatures first hit, staff at leading UK insurance company Ageas were turning up to work wearing suits and long sleeves. With no sign of…

Delivering better service and smarter law with Yammer and SWOOP

Hall & Wilcox

Australian law firm Hall & Wilcox has changed the way clients are serviced with the use of Microsoft’s enterprise social network Yammer. No longer is it just lawyers working alone on a client’s problems, but the entire firm can contribute to helping on a client’s case. SWOOP data shows that through Yammer, employees are connected and collaborating. And all-company emails are a thing of the past. Australian law firm Hall & Wilcox is providing its clients with more diverse thinking, better service and more successful outcomes – assets it attributes to using enterprise social network Yammer. It’s no longer just…

Authentic leadership & cultural change: Why social groups matter in your ESN


A few years back, Matt Dodd received the phone call every communications manager dreads – the company website was down. Matt, who headed the team tasked with running the wesbite, social media and intranet, was off site at a conference and he knew some key colleagues were working from home and were not in the office to fix the problem. Matt Dodd, Senior Manager Digital Channels, Bankwest. He jumped onto Microsoft’s Yammer, his team’s Enterprise Social Network (ESN), and asked what was going on. Straight away his team chipped in with answers, telling him what was being done to resolve…