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SWOOP ‘Responder’ Online Behavioral Persona

This post continues the series the deeper dives into the specific measures included in the SWOOP Collaboration Framework #swoopframework. The ‘Responder’ Behavioural Persona is the third positive collaboration persona with the ‘Engager’ and ‘Catalyst’ personas.

How is a Responder Measured?

The ‘Responder’ persona is currently calculated as a significant surplus of contributions made, over responses received. Contributions include posts, replies and likes, while responses are replies and likes.


‘Responders’ are the ‘care givers’ in teams or communities. They make sure that fellow members are not left out on a limb with no responses to their contributions. While they may not be a source of insightful posts that gain large numbers of responses, they are regular responders themselves, by way of replies or likes. Their positive contribution is provided by the way they ensure their fellow members become part of conversations. Of course in a Q&A context they could also be our specialist experts.

High performing ‘Responders’ will prefer a formal reply over a simple like. They make it their business to ensure that no question goes unanswered, often referring questions to those they believe can help, if they can’t answer directly. In this way they may also play an ‘Engager’ role from time to time.

What should this mean to you?

Formal ‘community managers’ are the archetype ‘Responder’. As community managers their role is to facilitate the growth and sustainability of their respective community. Inside a team, the team leader may sometimes play this role during a team-building phase. For more established teams the team co-ordinator/administrator may adopt this role. If you have a natural preference for care giving, this is the role for you.

In summary, the ‘Responder’ persona is one of the three most positive personas, with the ‘Catalyst’ and ‘Engager’. For those that have a preference for care giving and nurturing, as well as ensuring that everyone is in a good collaborative mindset, then being a ‘Responder’ could be for you. A team full of responders will be a comfortable and happy place to work, though perhaps not as productive as ones that contain ‘Engagers’ and ‘Catalysts’ as well.

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