Stanford Peace Innovation Lab values SWOOP Insights

SWOOP Chief Scientist Dr Laurence Lock Lee recently met with Mark Nelson, who co-directs the Stanford Peace Innovation lab at Stanford University with behavior designer, social entrepreneur and mentor capitalist, Margarita Quihuis. Mark identified SWOOP’s ability to surface operational insights from interactions conducted in social networking platforms like Workplace by Facebook and Yammer, to enable a whole new level of research potential. Their current focus is on gender diversity, a big issue in Silicon Valley. He noted that many current gender diversity policies are doing more harm than good. This is where SWOOP operational data can be used to truly measure the impacts of gender diversity policy. We were able to show Mark some early results from one of our clients, which demonstrated how womens’ natural affinity to networking was indeed carried through into the workplace, significantly outperforming men.

The ability to undertake organisational studies using SWOOP data is only limited by the extent that individual profile data is provided. Other potential organisational studies include interactions across formal lines of business, geographic locations, seniority levels, functional areas and the like.

See a short video interview with Mark below:

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