July, 2018


Canadian eLearning Conference

Social technology has fractured into social intranets, enterprise social networks and chat platforms. What are we to make of this? Has social lost its way?

SWOOP’s James Tyer will examine the real value that social technology can bring to an organisation. You will learn strategies to set the stage for success and how to view qualitative and quantitative data to paint an accurate picture of incremental workforce transformation.




August, 2018


QLD Network Analytics Forum

Have you ever wondered about the value that is hiding inside your social networks at work? This high impact breakfast will explore models and strategies relating to capturing the analytics: measuring internal social networks, visual tools, participation and value.




Sept, 2018

Toronto, Canada

Association for Talent Development – Introduction to the “How” of Social Learning

As an L&D professional, you’re expected to know about social learning. But it’s complex, confusing, and involves much more than adding a Yammer or Workplace group to a course. It requires a shift in mindset from producing content to making connections.

This session will be focused on a series of questions to ask yourself to help you understand where you are currently and where you can best start experimenting with social learning. 

Past Events




July, 2018


SWOOP Chat ’18

We’re hosting our first event for SWOOP customers to learn about measuring and improving your enterprise social network.

We’ll explore:

  • Engaging senior leaders and how to coach
  • Designing and measuring communication campaigns
  • What high performing groups look like and how get there.

Get inspired by listening to inspirational talks and spend an equal amount of time exchanging ideas and experience with peers.

Please register your interest.




June, 2018

New York City

The Devil is in the Details: Real-World Support for Workplace by Facebook

No-nonsense, real-world support to launch, manage, and grow your Workplace community.

Launching Workplace by Facebook to thousands of employees is an exciting—and challenging—undertaking. Join dozens of your peers for an interactive working session that combines best practices, dos and don’ts, how to overcome common adoption challenges, target metrics by use case, and a bit of group therapy.

Join us at the Facebook NYC offices for this in-person workshop hosted by Carrie Basham Young, CEO of Workplace Partner Talk Social to Meand James Tyer, Director of Customer Success at SWOOP Analytics.




June, 2018

New York City

Straight Talk on Employee Engagement

Do you need no-nonsense, real-world support to optimize and scale your communications and HR initiatives through Yammer? 

Join us at Convene in Midtown Manhattan for an in-person workshop hosted by James Tyer, SWOOP’s Director of Customer Success and Carrie Basham Young, CEO of Talk Social to Metwo collaboration industry pros who have launched and supported Yammer and other community platforms for more than 200 organizations over the past decade.




June, 2018


Obtaining real meaning from your enterprise social measurement (with a few surprises along the way!)

SWOOP CEO Cai Kjaer will show you how to evaluate true outcomes in your Yammer or Workplace network and locate the informal community leaders and influencers in your organisation. The session will cover:

  • results of collaboration patterns across different enterprises and within business units
  • an evidence-based look at gender equality and inclusion
  • how people connect in the digital world




May, 2018


Demonstrate ROI on Workplace

How do you demonstrate to executives that Workplace is working for your organisation?

SWOOP Analytics’ James Tyer will lead an informal discussion in downtown Toronto with tips to show your leaders that Workplace is driving conversation, collaboration and innovation.