When Artificial Intelligence Sentiment Analysis Meets Yammer

Microsoft is undoubtedly the leader in office productivity software, with generations having now grown up using its Office products suite. Less heralded in the productivity space, however, are the artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities Microsoft has developed over a similar time frame. Much of the AI found in the Office suite is hidden or embedded in functions like the spelling and grammar checker in MS Word. Other AI applications are more explicit, such as Cortana, which can, among other things, remind us of commitments we may have made but overlooked. Microsoft is making much of this AI capability available to development partners with

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Would a BYO (Digital Tools) Approach Work for Your Company?

Do you want to liven things up at your office? Start a conversation about which digital workplace tools your organization should standardize on. There’s a plethora of collaboration tools and technologies to choose from, and picking just one is an overwhelming task. The “bring your own device” (BYOD) movement may offer a solution to the problem. As recently as a decade ago, the idea of bringing your own device to work was unthinkable. Today it’s commonplace for people to use personal devices on the job — especially mobile phones. So, using the same logic as BYOD, why not allow people

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Work Out Loud Circles – Do they Bridge the Gap?

In celebration of Work Out Loud (WOL) week, we want to highlight the role WOL circles can play as a bridge between our world of exploration, discovery and innovation, and the one that occupies most of our time; the day to day tasks. In networking parlance, we use the terms ‘closed strong tie’ networks to represent our day to day collaborators, where interactions are frequent; and ‘open weak tie’ networks, where interactions are less frequent, but usually more considered. Open and closed networks are often positioned as a trade-off. In academic circles, the tensions between ‘explore’ and ‘exploit’ have also

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Connection In Isolation

Down in Invercargill, the southernmost city in New Zealand and one of the most isolated in the world, there are three employees running a busy car rental branch. Rarely do they work together as a team. Mostly it’s a passing update and a quick “hello” during a shift changeover. Yet, these three workers are some of the best-connected employees in their multi-national company of thousands. Each day, the team at Thrifty Car Rental in Invercargill stay connected with what’s happening at every other Thrifty branch across NZ through their Enterprise Social Network (ESN). If there’s a new Thrifty employee up

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The Power of a Question, Asked Online

The power of a question to spark imagination, challenge bias or entrenched thinking, or simply to help solve a problem has been long recognised. Life coach Tony Robbins talks about the ability to ask empowering questions as “a critical skill that will ultimately shape the meanings you create, and therefore the quality of your life”. Harvard Professor Clayton Christensen, author of best seller “The Innovator’s Dilemma”, bemoans the fact that business schools train managers to provide answers, rather than asking good questions. Yet, we have seen the power of employee engagement a CEO can gain by simply demonstrating vulnerability by asking staff for help. At SWOOP we have been able to capture that

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Will Customers Buy Into Your Seller Persona?

You’ve analyzed your prospective market, built buyer personas for your perfect customer, and crafted your website and Facebook pages with all the social media bells and whistles to ensure that the right people are coming to view your content, products and services. You also have social media monitoring tools in place to track your customers’ journey to you. Did they enjoy the experience? Is it simply enough that they stayed the journey? How can you be sure? Tara Hunt, founder of Truly Social, offers insight into the customer experience on her Twitter feed: “When your interactions with a customer are

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