Benchmarking Your Way to Collaborative Success

We will shortly be releasing our 2017 SWOOP Enterprise Social Benchmarking report along with some webinar briefings to bring it to life. It is the world’s largest comparative analysis of collaboration patterns between organizations, using operational activity data. The report provides some significant insights gained from how individuals actually interacted, as opposed to what they might say they do. We analysed the collaboration patterns of more than 250,000 individuals across 57 organizations over an extended six-month period. As a prelude to its release we are publishing here a condensed infographic of the key results. You will notice that we have…

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Wanting to Transform your Business – Change the Logo? 

Digitally enabled business transformation may be pervading our discussions at the moment, but in reality, this conversation theme is at least as old as the Internet, and more likely older. It was therefore with interest that I read a recent HBR article by Scott Anthony and Evan I. Schwartz which noted how often significant transformations fail. They then followed on by listing the transformations that their research identified as most successful and why. On top of the list were Amazon and Netflix; but also on the list well-known brands like Apple, Microsoft and Adobe. In reading the profiles of the companies…

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Facilitating Organizational Change with SWOOP

Just take a moment and think about the last 2 or 3 major organizational change programs that you have been party to (or a victim of). Invariably the change will have something to do with wanting to change the way people work and interact with each other in your organization. Perhaps it was triggered by a significant structural change, a merger, or acquisition. Perhaps it was around  a major technology refresh. Or perhaps even a significant change in company strategy, triggered by a disruptive change in the marketplace. Whatever the reason, invariably you will be asked to adapt your behavior…

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SWOOP Behavioural Insights - We use personas to provide individuals with insights into their online social behaviours

SWOOP is Growing Again: Now in North America and Europe

When we started  SWOOP in mid-2014 I intuitively felt that our time had come. The shift towards networks and collaboration to increase organizational agility and performance had been underway for some time, but organizations had little to guide their investment in terms of measurement. That was the what we set out to change. With SWOOP we wanted to help organizations improve collaboration and help each individual become a better collaborator and communicator. Fast forward to 2017 and things have been moving really fast. We now have customers in US, Europe and Australia that include some of the biggest brands in…

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Formulas for Success

There is something about ‘Formulas for Success’ that can be both appealing and irritating. The appealing part is of course the simplicity of it. If I could boil down the complexity of my life into a set of simple algorithms, then life would all of a sudden become much simpler. The irritating part is that we generally don’t believe that the world can be described simply as a set of formulas. What formulas do well, however is to cut to the chase. They remove the clutter and identify what core elements you need to concern yourself with. That is why…

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The Tide Has Finally Turned – Networks Eat Hierarchy for Breakfast 

The Tide Has Finally Turned – Networks Eat Hierarchy for Breakfast Apologies to Peter Drucker for hijacking his famous culture versus strategy statement, but for us, the recent 2017 Deloitte Global Trends  tome signals a tipping of the scales that we have been anticipating, frankly, for decades. The Deloitte survey of some 10,000+ business and HR leaders across 140 countries voted “Organization of the Future: Arriving Now” as the number 1 human capital trend that concerns them most. Described as: “… actively building organizational ecosystems and networks. Agility plays a central role in the organization of the future, as companies…

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